I design products and experiences that help people make the right choices.

Perfect happiness and fulfillment are unattainable, the stoic says. However, he also says virtue gets you some way there! I think products and experiences can invite people to be the best version of themselves. I want people to flourish. I want to make responsibility and long term thinking attractive. I study Design for Interaction, where I'm learning how to design for human behavior.

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In every design project I also try to make the right choices. I've learned you cannot make right choices without wrong choices! Through context research and design explorations I gain knowledge that builds a story, a vision. A vision helps to focus on what matters, and to unfocus on what doesn't.

Who is this guy?

  • 🧔🏻design student
  • 💭abstract thinker
  • 🌞calm but vibrant

I want to learn...

  • 🌍living in another culture
  • working in a company
  • learning by failing

Currently working on:

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