The Project

Designing, building, and racing a hydrogen race car. A boys dream come true! But also the start of a different path than expected. In my second year at Forze I oversaw the progress and well-being of the team, and learned that I love to work on things that make people thrive .

  • year2015-2017
  • clientForze Hydrogen Racing Team
  • natureTeam effort
  • what I didKanBan, Github, Standups, Retrospectives, Team Improvements

Problem Scenario

Racing has always made the most of human capability and technology. The creation of stories, sometimes even legends. However, racing is also a means of promoting technology. Hydrogen seems to be a promising alternative to fossil fuels. Can a hydrogen race car get people excited for hydrogen?

My work as "Team Daddy"

I was a part-time exterior designer and producer for Forze in the year before. My second year saw me as Technical Manager, facilitator to the team's performance. Being akin to a Scrum Master, I hosted daily standups and kept track of the team's progress and well being. I established a GitHub based backlog for design development, created tools to organise planning and progress, and hosted retrospectives together with an external consultant. Also, I experimented with improvements for communication.

VISION AS TECHNICAL MANAGER   Being the catalyst to a team that functions efficiently, effectively, and warmly.

MY TEAM ABOUT ME   "A little bit of Oscar is all you need to get back on track"

KEY INSIGHT   You cannot motivate people, you can merely create conditions that allow them to be motivated.

During these two years, I learned alot about what I like and don't like, what I'm good at and where I need to improve. But most importantly? I made ten friends for life.

Three things I've learned

  1. Engineers and designers think, talk, and care about different things.
  2. You cannot motivate people, you can merely create conditions that allow them to be motivated.
  3. I love thinking about and working towards solutions that make people thrive


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