The Project

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Crownstones are smart sockets that you plug between the wall and any device. You can then remotely control the behavior of the socket via your mobile phone. The system recognizes your presence and can switch the sockets accordingly, for example: your lights turn off when you leave the house. Through user testing and cognitive walkthrough a number of issues with the existing product were identified. Through concepts we tried to narrow down effective solutions to the problems. Conclusions were taken into a redesign, which was then evealuated thoroughly and adjusted for a final advice to the company. The company is currently working on implementing parts of our advice.

Project Details

  • year 2019
  • client Master's project for Crownstone B.V.
  • nature Group Project
  • what I did Design Strategy, Usability Assessment, UX/UI

User group

This product was initially designed for tech savvy people, by tech savvy people. But a desired shift towards built in technology in new housing means that people inexperienced with technology will need to be able to handle the system as well.

Problem Scenario

A lack of guidance leaves the target users frustrated and confused when setting up the system. Three main problems were identified through user tests and cognitive walkthroughs. Firstly, users do not understand the different functionalities of the product. Secondly, an overwelming amount of information given during onboarding and setup demotivates and confuses the user. Thirdly, it is unclear that the app refers to actions that take place in the real world.


Three concepts were created that aimed to solve the aforementioned problems. The concepts served as a way to try out options and validate assumptions about the ways in which approach the solving of the problems. Each concept was evaluated through self reporting and observation. This led to a set of requirements and do's and don'ts based on which a proposed task flow was designed, which served as the backbone for a digital prototype.

VISION   Allowing users to set up Crownstone with confidence and intentionality.

INTERACTION   Seven interaction qualities, each on a specific point in the proposed redesign of the task flow.


Distinct screens were designed for every task in the proposed task flow. For example, the "introduction" part of the flow manifests in two elements: "see value" and "experience". The user is first introduced to this complex product by seeing videos of how it can be used in their life, to give them inspiration for what to do. Next, by using a template setup, we let the user experience the product in real life without having to understand or configure it. This ensures that the user becomes motivated to take on the challenge by themselves, instead of being forced to right at the start.

User Testing

The prototype was built in Figma and animated in Principle. Through observations, self reporting of experiences, and detailed task analyses we sought to get a detailed understanding of how well the design worked.

Final Design

Based on the success rates and observed experiences a number of changes and suggestions were made and presented to the company. For example, the screen from which the user adjusts the distance at which they need to stand to let the socket switch based on their presence.


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