I design products and experiences that help people make the right choices.

Perfect happiness and fulfillment are unattainable, the stoic says. But that just means life is a battle against unhappiness! I want to support people in being wise, in choosing what is good for them and their surroundings in the long term. Freedom, responsibility, and autonomy can contribute to behavior that makes you happy. I think products and experiences can invite people to have that. And, since I'm still a long way from being my best self, I learn a lot while designing for that!

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What kind of designer?

  • 👀perceptive
  • 💭big picture thinker
  • 🎯cares about purpose
  • 🌞calm but vibrant

Wants to learn about...

  • 🌍living in another culture
  • working in a company
  • learning by failing

Currently working on:

I want to help you design the right products and experiences.

For every design, I uncover or fulfill its purpose. Through context research and design explorations I uncover a vision. A vision informs what is a good design choice, or an irrelevant one . This affords honest, coherent, purposeful products and experiences. The world needs that, because there is too much time, energy, and resources wasted on things that do not make a difference. Of course you cannot understand what a right choice is without attempting a wrong one. I'm starting to learn that!

In the future, I want to make the first happen with the second.

Not all companies can help people make choices that lead to happiness and fulfillment. But many could, and I believe doing so will lead to less wastefulness, a lot of genuinely happy people, and profit that is earned instead of made.

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