Raison-d'Γͺtre ❀

I want to use design to support people in living free, high quality, self directed lives.

πŸ‘“  I study design for human behavior. Design is about creating an effect. In my opinion, there are too many products where there is no raison d’Γͺtre, no vision. There is no clue about the intended effect of the product, other than being sold.

πŸš—  Good design tells a coherent story. Take my car, for example. The Panda was designed as a practical car for practical people. Every shape, every function, every last screw of the car tells this story. It is coherent, honest. A good design.

☯  I want design to give people freedom, responsibility, and autonomy. I think design can make people interested in personal leadership. To me, that is the first step to well-being and the making of sustainable choices. Caring for yourself, so you can care for others. Doing the right thing for yourself, but as an effect helping the planet as well.

✏️  I am still finding out how I want to contribute. As a strategic designer? More in design research? Or more in design execution? Creating structure in complexity applies to any design activity, but what do I like best? I want to do an internship to learn more about this.

🌠  Eventually, I may want to support the collaborative uncovering of design visions, and together with others, form design executions that help people to be better people, in any context.

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Who is this guy?

  • πŸ‘€eye for detail
  • πŸ’­thinker
  • 🌞calm but vibrant

I want to...

  • 🌍live in another culture
  • βœ…improve validating
  • πŸ“ƒimprove documenting

Currently doing:

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