Hi, I'm Oscar.
I'm learning to design for experiences that allow people to flourish..

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Design for human flourishing

I started out wanting to be a car designer. But slowly I came to realize that actually, human flourishing is what I really care about. I want the things we create to help us be happier, healthier, more effective people! Through qualitative research, reframing, visioning, and prototyping I try to uncover which age old principles of human behavior are at stake in a context, and how we can change the situation for the better. To in the end design exactly what's needed to make it happen.

Who am I?

  • 👀perceptive
  • 💭big picture thinker
  • 🎯cares about design with purpose
  • 🌞calm but vibrant

I want to learn...

  • to validate assumptions even quicker
  • 🌍how different cultures value different things in life
  • how design functions outside the design bubble

How I see my future as a designer

Companies and (local) governments carry a great responsibility for the designed artefacts with which we interact on a daily basis. And designers are brought into decision making more and more, which increases the responsibility of designers for our world. Although I believe in the will of people to do good, I think human flourishing is too often sacrificed for the wrong reasons, or not considered consciously. I want to make a contribution to design, business, and organisation that makes people flourish, in some way. Of course I don't know all the answers. I have a lot to learn, also in understanding how I can contribute. Wisdom is gathered mostly from finding out what not to do!

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Why good design needs to embody wisdom

Wisdom is knowing what to do in order to be effective. In my eyes, to design, is to aim to be as wise as you can be. Is anyone who tries to be effective a designer then? Yes, of their own life, and whatever they are responsible for. But professional designers are responsible for artefacts that many people will use.

Good design makes people flourish. Bad design contributes to waste and depression.

We love something when it fulfills our needs. We all hate, abandon, and dispose of things that don't fulfill our needs. We are taught to desire things that don't help us grow. Products, services, experiences, and environments built on a sound understanding of what makes us flourish, are conducive to us living fulfilling lives. Anything else is at most a good example of what not to do. In my eyes, good design makes people flourish and bad design contributes to waste and depression. When you aim to be as wise as you can be, you can start to align outcome with intention. And thus, good design requires research, experiment and lots of reflection. And sometimes, lots of patience. If we are to take care of ourselves and our planet, we should try to design with as much wisdom as we can. It's really simple, just not easy.

When you aim to be as wise as you can be, you can start to align outcome with intention.

I believe wisely designed artefacts can stimulate wise behavior. Because when designers can understand people, they may also help people to understand themselves. They may cause someone to experience a paradigm shift, which fosters reflection. Or they may support someone in changing their behavior altogether. The power of design is that its outputs can be endlessly reproduced. Wisely designed artefacts can facilitate many people in stepping up as a wise designer of their own life and surroundings.

Wisely designed artefacts can facilitate many people in stepping up as a wise designer of their own life and surroundings.

If anything designed from now on is designed as wisely as possible, and helps people to flourish, the world will not be the same. That's my vision. But designers do not operate in a vacuum anymore. Artefacts are rarely stand-alone. Everything is connected. This means that finding pieces of wisdom requires more time, and money, than ever. Maybe, ways of approaching the design of artefacts need to be researched and implemented. We all want to do good. But to do right, that's the real challenge I see before myself. Maybe we'll never figure it out. But I know what I want to contribute to.

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